What should people with dry skin pay attention to when creating a skin care routine?

What should people with dry skin pay attention to when creating a skin care routine?

The most basic thing you need to do in order to achieve the results you want in skin care is to know your skin. You need to have an idea about your skin type and skin problems, so create your routine to solve these problems. In this article, we will cover the basic care steps you should do if you have dry skin, the skin care components you should know closely to fight dryness, as well as the action steps that will be good for your skin apart from care.

In order to make an effective skin care and get the best results in this regard, you must first know your skin characteristics. If the structure of the skin is not known, the products used or the treatments will not give the desired results as they do not target the skin problem. We basically divide skin types into oily, combination and dry. To distinguish your skin type, wait about an hour after washing your face and take it with the help of a tissue and wipe your cheeks and T-zone, which is the junction of the nose area. If you have not encountered any oiliness in the wipe and you observe exfoliation from place to place, you may have a dry skin type. The feature that your dry skin needs most in a skin care is moisturizing.

A skin that has lost its moisture begins to show signs of aging early. It takes on a dull and unhealthy appearance. For this reason, especially people with dry skin should be extra sensitive to the moisturizing step to prevent signs of aging.

If you have dry skin, some of the ingredients you should recognize and include in your routine are; honey, cucumber extract, aloe vera, green tea, milk protein.

Cucumber extract (cucumis sativus fruit extract) is effective on cells that age or make the skin look tired. It eliminates under-eye puffiness and balances the color tone.

Milk Protein (Milk Protein) moisturizes your skin while refreshing. Thanks to this protein, cells are renewed and provide high repair within themselves. Milk Protein helps to increase collagen production by delaying age-related wrinkles.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature of green tea contributes to the smooth and renewed appearance of the skin.

Honey (honey) repairs your skin by supplementing your skin with B vitamins. Honey (honey), which also contains vitamin C, is also effective in itching due to dryness.

Aloe Vera, a natural and powerful moisturizer, is an indispensable source of moisture for dry skin.

You can find all these ingredients in a single product in HydraShake Daily Face Mist to use in a minimal skin care routine.

We can talk about three main steps in a basic, minimal skin care. Cleansing, tonic and moisturizing.

As a first step, you can clean your dry skin with Dermoqlin Facial Cleansing Gel , which has a pH of 5.5, is biocompatible with your skin, and will not cause tension and dryness while cleaning your skin without stripping it of its healthy oils. HydraShake Daily Face Mist is the most suitable product for your skin type for the tonic step that will prepare your skin for the moisturizing cream afterwards. Hydra Shake is formulated to strengthen your skin barrier and return the moisture you have lost. Thanks to the ease of being in spray form, you can easily apply it on your make-up or sunscreen during the day and refresh your skin whenever you feel deprived of moisture. As the last step, you should use a moisturizing cream. Depending on your skin problem, you can choose Hamamed 9 Cream, which moisturizes your skin and renews cells at the same time, or Arbuwhite C Cream, which reduces the appearance of your spots and gives you a brighter and more radiant skin.